Your morning breakfast.

Your morning breakfast.

Morning breakfast

Morning breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We should not skip breakfast as stomach has been empty for more than ten hours.

Having healthy and nutritious breakfast in empty stomach is very essential.

First of all, instead of taking oily snacks, fast foods, bakery products, it’s good to have healthier food as breakfasts.

List of combinations of breakfast which can be prepared easily and help us to live healthier and longer without diseases.

  1. Boiled grains such as, Channa fall, green gram, peanuts, kidney beans, cowpea etc with hot & fresh cow milk.
  2. Multi grain cereal, once you prepare the cereal powder and store it, anytime you can prepare instantly by mixing with milk and sugar and consume.
  3. Another good combination is, boiled sweet potatoes, dry fruits, nuts with hot & fresh cow milk.
  4. Smoothies with varieties of fruits with dry fruits and nuts.
  5. Healthy Dosa, once you prepare an instance dosa powder with multi grains, as a result it’s very easy to use by mixing with water and keeping for some hours for fermentation before you prepare.
  6. Two / Three tables spoon of sesame seeds powder, dried fruits & fresh milk.
  7. Rice kanji, soak the water with the rice which you made on previous day and keep it overnight and add some onion, coconut milk & salt.

Benefits of having the above combination of meals as your morning breakfast.

  • Easy to prepare and have it in our busiest schedule
  • Those food are not bringing any digestive problems
  • These foods helps to avoid constipation
  • Very healthy and improves your skin and good for hair
  • Finally, protein rich foods help to improve bone health, increase stamina, keeping the body organism active etc

–  Dr Subajanane Jeyanthan –

Niyanthree Ayurveda Clinic, Colombo, Sri Lanka.



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