Tips to avoid constipation

Tips to avoid constipation

Tips to avoid constipation

Tips to avoid constipation: Constipation is a big challenge for most of us as we don’t follow a healthy life style due to the current busy living.

Passing motion daily without difficulties is a healthy routine, when it becomes irregular and straining it is called constipation.

Constipation is a major cause for other diseases, for example: hair fall issues, headache, unhealthy skin, etc.

Food habits and life style, which causes constipation.

  • Intake of more bakery items, which made from refined flour foods such as breads, buns, pastries, cake etc.
  • Also, frequent intake of junk foods and soft drinks.
  • Less intake of vegetables, fruits, grains and cereals on your diet.
  • Habit of not eating on time, eating less quantity and skipping meals.
  • Less intake of water.
  • Excessive alcohol, drugs and caffeine intake.
  • Excessive intake of dairy products, fat and sugar.


  • Soak one table spoon of fenugreek seed in water overnight and consume the fenugreek with the water content in the morning.
  • Eat more steamed vegetables, fruits and whole grains in foods.
  • Also add pure ghee in meal.
  • Add nuts and dry fruits in your meal.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid late night sleep or night vigilance.
  • Avoid refined flour, bakery items, junk foods and soft drinks.
  • Furthermore, regular practice of self-oil massage / abhyanga.

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