Self-Oil Massage / Abhyanga

Self-Oil Massage / Abhyanga

Self-Oil Massage / Abhyanga

Self-oil massage / Abhyanga is mentioned in our ancient Ayurveda text under daily routine, which referred as Dinacharya.

As it is not very practical to do it daily in our busy life, at least doing it once in a week gives us more benefits.

It is highly beneficial to apply oil daily for newborn babies, toddlers & children as it is very helpful for brain, bone & muscle development.

Organic medicated herbal oil is used for Self-Oil Massage / Abhyanga.

There are varieties of oil for different types of body conditions, diseases & age groups.

It is good to start Self-Oil Massage / Abhyanga after getting an advice from an Ayurveda physician.

Vata body type (Lean / thin body):

It is good to use medicated oil, which is based of pure organic ghee.


Pitta body type (excessive heat body):

It is good to use medicated oil, which is based of pure organic non refined coconut oil.

Kapha body type (fat / obese body type):

It is good to use medicated oil, which is based of pure organic Gingelly (sesame) oil.


Benefits of Self-Oil Massage / Abhyanga

  • It keeps the body and skin young.
  • Makes the skin glow, soft, smooth and healthy.
  • Reduces excessive sweating and dryness.
  • Regulates thyroid function and blood pressure.
  • It removes toxins, dead cells, cellulite from the body.
  • Makes the body strong, healthy and nourishes the sensory organs.
  • Cures muscular dystrophy, degeneration, osteoporosis, disk prolapse etc
  • Strengthen brain and nervous system.
  • Reduce stress and induce deep sleep.
  • Removes fatigue, gives strength and lightness of the body.
  • Removes excessive fat and helps to reduce weight and bring shape in obese.


How to do self-oil massage / abhyanga

You need to do it in the early in the morning.

Apply oil in Luke warm staring from the head to toe.

Wait for half an hour to one hour.

Light exercise or house hold chores can be done during this time.

It is good to use Ayurveda herbal body scrub or herbal bath powder for hair and body wash.

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