Ayurveda Treatment for Lipoma

Ayurveda Treatment for Lipoma

Ayurveda Treatment for Lipoma

Ayurveda Treatment for Lipoma: Lipoma are small benign tumors that sort just below the skin. Fatty cells influencing in lipomas. They will get accumulate at an individual place underneath the pores and skin. Lipomas are generally comfortable and rubbery to touch. They will make the location of pores and skin tender and delicate to touch. Lipomas will grow unhealthy, whenever they are infected, distressing or inflamed as this will likely bring about wellbeing complications. Therefore, in this kind of circumstances, we might need to remove them surgically.

Ayurveda Treatment for Lipoma

    • Ayurveda Internal Medicines: Chandra Prabha Vati, Kanchanara Guggulu, Triphala Guggulu are some of good internal medicines for lipoma. Please take under physicians instructions only.
    • Panchakarma treatment: Ayurveda purification methods such as, abhyanga, patra pinda sweda, udvartanam, vasti, must be done. Also they should consume internal medicines as well.

Some home remedies to give Ayurveda treatment for lipoma

  • Thuja Occidentalis (type of cedar): It is an herb, which we use for treating warts and pores and skin troubles. Add a couple of drops of extract with drinking water and rub on for the tumor thrice daily for aid.
  • Green tea: In the event the tumor is because of abnormal body fat, you are able to have green tea every day, because it helps to burn body fat quickly and enhance metabolic rate.
  • Oranges: Consuming bitter oranges will help enhance metabolic rate and assist burn up physique fat.
  • Red sandalwood, turmeric: Use these powders with honey to produce a paste and utilized on sutures, if the tumor continues need to remove surgically.
  • Karanja Oil: Apply this oil around the sutures following surgical treatment, which to accelerate the healing course of action.
  • Diet: You should concentrate on your diet. Do not consume more food, in addition consume less fat meals to help controlling the system weight.
  • Exercising: You also must possess a frequent training program like Yoga and meditation and even just walking to help you melt away human body fat, lessen weight and take care of the tumor.


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